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“Unequal before Death: The Effect of Paternal Education on Children’s Old Age Mortality” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari). 2022 Jul.
R&R at Population Studies

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*with a student or postdoc coauthor 

*“The Production of Within-family Inequality: Insights and Implications of Integrating Genetic Data” (with Yuchang Wu, Zijie Zhao, and Qiongshi Lu). R&R at PNAS-Nexus, 2023 Feb.

“Multidimensional Intergenerational Mobility” (with Katie Jajtner). R&R at Social Science & Medicine, 2023 Feb.

“Social Security Disability Insurance and Intergenerational Economic Mobility” (with Katie Jajtner and Matt Messel). R&R at Contemporary Economic Review, 2023 Feb.

“Area-Level Infant Mortality Exposure in Early Life and Alzheimer’s Disease Mortality: Examining Variation Based on Age, Sex, and Place of Birth” (with Michael Topping and Jinho Kim), 2023 Feb.

“In Utero and Early-Life Exposure to Alcohol and Old Age Mortality: Evidence from the Temperance Movement in the US” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari). R&R at Economics and Human Biology, 2023 Jan.

“Retirement Makes You Old? Causal Effect of Retirement on Biological Age” (with Shiro Furuya), 2022 Dec.

*”The Association between Parity and Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementias Status” (with Yan Zhang) 2022 Dec.

“Testing a Unified Model of Gene-Environment Interactions: Analysis of Sex-Specific Gene-by-Cohort Interaction in Health and Social Outcome using the UK Biobank Data” (with Boyan Zheng, Jie Song, and Qiongshi Lu). R&R at Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 2022 Dec.

“Generating polygenic risk scores in large biobanks through cross-validation.” (with Jie Song, Fengyi Zheng, Yuchang Wu, and Qiongshi Lu), 2022 Sept.

“Area-Level Infant Mortality Exposure in Early-Life and Later Life Stroke: The Role of Modifiable Risk Factors and Place of Birth” (with Michael Topping). 2022 Jul.

“Associations of physical activity and air pollution with incident dementia: a population-based prospective cohort study” (with Wei Xu, Kristen Malecki, and Ozioma Okonkwo). 2022 Jul.

“Early-Life Income Shocks and Old-Age Mortality: Evidence from World War I Veterans’ Bonus” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari). 2022 Jul.

“The Siren Song of Cicadas: Early-Life Pesticide Exposure and Later-Life Mortality” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari). 2022 Jun.

“Trends in the Female Longevity Advantage of 19th-Century Birth Cohorts: Exploring the Role of Place and Fertility” (with Won-tak Joo and Michael Topping). 2022 Jun.

“Does Schooling Improve Cognitive Abilities at Older Ages: Causal Evidence from Nonparametric Bounds” (with Vikesh Amin, Jere Behrman, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, and Hans-Peter Kohler). 2022.

“Understanding Internal Migration: An Assessment of Migration Selection with Genetic Data” (with Shiro Furuya, Jihua Liu, Zhongxuan Sun, and Qiongshi Lu). 2022.

“The Effects of Education on Mortality: Evidence Using College Expansions” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari). 2021 Oct.

“Associations between body mass index and telomere length at older ages: Evidence from polygenic risk scores, Mendelian randomization and within-twin designs (with Vikesh Amin, Yiqiang Zhan, Ida Karlsson, Nancy L Pedersen, Anna Dahl Aslan, Sara Hägg, Dan TA Eisenberg, David Rehkopf, and Qiongshi Lu). 2021 Jun.

“Gamete Simulation Improves Polygenic Transmission Disequilibrium Analysis” (with Jiawen Chen, Jing You, Zijie Zhao, Zheng Ni, Kunling Huang, Yuchang Wu, and Qiongshi Lu). 2020 Oct.

“Causal Effects of Fertility on Life Course Outcomes Among Older Adults: Evidence from A Novel Genetic Instrumental Variable Approach” (with Boyan Zheng and Qiongshi Lu). 2020 Sep.

“Heterogeneity in Peer Effects of Obesity” (with Kiersten Strombotne, Kevin Konty, and Sophia Day). 2020 Aug.

“Mental Health, Schooling Attainment and Polygenic Scores: Are There Significant Gene-Environment Associations?” (with Vikesh Amin, Jere Behrman, Carlos A. Flores, Alfonso Flores-Lagunes, and Hans-Peter Kohler). 2020 Feb.

Current Working Papers

*”Genome-wide summary measures of genetic risk reveal treatment effect heterogeneity in a randomized control trial of smoking cessation” (with Lauren Schmitz, Qiongshi Lu, and Shubhashrita Basu), 2023 Feb.

“Water is Life, Clean Water is Health: The Effect of Early-Life Exposure to the City-Wide Water Filtration on Old-Age Mortality” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari), 2023 Feb.

“Long-Term Health Benefits of Occupational Licensing: Evidence from Midwifery Laws” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari), 2023 Feb.

“Toxified to the Bone: Early-Life and Childhood Exposure to Lead and Men’s Old-Age Mortality” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari), 2023 Feb.

“Passing as White: Racial Identity and Old-Age Longevity” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari), 2022 Dec.

“Dust to Feed, Dust to Grey: The Effect of In-Utero Exposure to the Dust Bowl on Old-Age Longevity” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari). 2022 Jul.

*”Early-Life Economic Conditions and Old-Age Mortality” (with Hamid Noghanibehambari, Lauren Schmitz, Valentina Duque, and Vikas Gawai). 2022 Jul.

*”Effects of Environments in Critical Periods on Later Life Cognition: Mediating Role of Education” (with Shiro Furuya). 2022 Jul.

“Inter-state migration and mortality inequalities between U.S. states” (with Wei Xu and Michal Engelman). 2022 Jul.

“The Great Migration and white-black geographic inequalities in mortality in US states” (with Wei Xu). 2022 Jul.

“The Long Run Impacts of Court-Ordered Desegregation” (with Owen Thompson and Garrett Anstreicher). 2022 Apr.

*”Childhood Family Structure History on Adulthood Depression: The Role of Age and Genetic Sensitivity” (with Boyan Zheng and Qiongshi Lu). 2022.

“Longevity and In Utero Exposure to the Influenza Pandemics in the 19th Century” (with Won-tak Joo, Michal Engelman and Alberto Palloni). 2022.

“Understanding Sibling Correlations in Education: Molecular Genetics and Family Background” (with Bhash Mazumder, Qiongshi Lu, Jie Song). 2021.

“Religious Context and Genetic Influences on Adolescent Drinking” (with Joseph Clark and Qiongshi Lu). 2020 Nov.

“Estimating Causal Effects of Fertility on Life Course Outcomes: Evidence Using A Dyadic Genetic Instrumental Variable Approach” (with Boyan Zheng and Qiongshi Lu). 2020 Sep.

“Moving Contexts: The Impact of Changes in Neighborhood Characteristics on Mental and Physical Health” (with Julia Goodwin and Katherine Curtis). 2020 Mar.

“Decoupling Genetics from Attainments: The Role of Social Environments.” 2019 Dec.

“Early Life Exposures, Gene-Environment Interactions, and Cognitive Decline in Old Age” (with Atheendar Venkataramani). 2018 May.

“Multigenerational Transmission of Child Quantity” (with Won-tak Joo). 2018 Apr.

“Adults Behaving Badly: The Effects of Own and Peer Parents’ Incarceration on Adolescent Criminal Activities.” 2017 May.
IZA Discussion Paper

*“Spousal Matching” (with Norma Padron). 2016 Dec.
IZA Discussion Paper

“Trends and Spatial Patterns in Educational Mobility.” 2015 Aug.

Completed Working Papers

*“Estimating Causal Effects between Number of Children and Older Parents’ Cognitive Function Using HRS Data and IV Approach.” (Boyan Zheng, Yan Zhang, and Jason Fletcher),2023 Feb.

“Selection in Life Course Research: An Assessment with Genetic Data.” (With Shiro Furuya and Qiongshi Lu), 2023 Feb.

“The big (genetic) sort? Reassessing migration patterns and their genetic imprint in the UK” (with Shiro Furuya, Jihua Liu, Zhongxuan Sun, and Qiongshi Lu), 2023 Feb.

“Leveraging Machine Learning to Estimate Effect Modification” (with Ang Yu, Hyunseung Kang, and Chan Park). 2021 Aug.

“Impacts of Access to Contraception and Abortion Services on Men’s Life Course Outcomes: Results of Add Health Analyses.” 2021 Jun.

“Differential Susceptibility to Peer Influences.” 2017 Mar.

*“Pregnancies and Risky Outcomes” (with Sebastian Daza). 2016 Feb.

*“The Effects of Academic Probation on College Success” (with Mansur Tokmouline). 2016 Jan.
IZA Discussion Paper

“Estimating Physician ‘Value Added’ on Patient Outcomes” (with Betsy Bradley and Leora Horwitz). 2016 Jan.
Modern Healthcare

*“Sibling Spillover Effects for Developmental Disabilities and Externalizing Behavior” with Nicole Hair and Barbara Wolfe). 2015 Aug.

“Benefits from University Level Diversity?” (with Barbara Wolfe). 2014 Apr.
Discussion Paper
Daily Californian
The Economist

“Self Control and Health Outcomes” (with Nick Torseillo). 2014 Aug.

“Hierarchical Influences on the Diffusion of Health and Delinquency Behaviors in Adolescent Social Networks” (with Olga Yakusheva). 2013 Jun.

“Tobacco Use, Taxation, and Self Control in Adolescence” (with Jody Sindelar and Partha Deb). 2013 Apr.
The Economist Mention

“The ‘Bluest Eye’ and Pathways to Success: Eurocentric Standards of Beauty” (with Arthur GoldsmithDarrick Hamilton, and William Darity). 2012 Feb.

“The Effects of Early Occupation on Health” (with Jody Sindelar). 2011 Aug.

Uncovering the Pathways Linking Local Economic Conditions, Occupation, and Health” (with Shintaro Yamaguchi). 2010 Nov.

“Achievement Effects of the Inclusion of Students with Special Needs: Evidence from North Carolina” 2010 Feb.

“High School Course Content and College Choices” 2010 Feb.

“The Impact of First Occupation on Health at Older Ages” (with Jody Sindelar, Patricia KeenanWilliam Gallo, and Tracy Falba). 2009 Feb.